Storytelling Video Case Study: Bruce Olson

If Michelangelo were alive today, he would be crafting homes, not just designing houses... And his name may very well be Bruce Olson. 

When you enter a Bruce Olson home, you can palpably feel the love and passion that has been poured into the design & assembly of the home. No corner is cut, no detail left unconsidered; every element is painstakingly considered and executed.

And with each visit, you will notice details that hadn't caught your eye before.

With this, we did our best to get out of the way and allow the work to speak for itself.

Please enjoy below, or see it in action on Bruce's website.

Meet Bruce

Within ONE WEEK of posting, we got this great news from Bruce:


Just today I received a call to take over a great major remodel job after the clients viewed the video on the website. They were extremely impressed by the video and in particular my comment ”if you're all about budget then you're probably not the right fit for me”.

I was awarded the project that starts next week.


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